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Different Energy

The company was established in 2005, on the back of a decades’ worth of management experienceand high-level engineering in the heat exchange sector. In just a few years, the company has succeeded in developing a strong identity, expanding its expertise into the field of energy and heat pumps. Thermics re­mains an important name in the sector, both at national and international level.

A love for technical creativity

Thermics has been guided from its origins by a team of young, motivated, dedicated engineers.

For this reason, a great deal of attention is paid to:

  • originality of software design;
  • close attention to the individual fea­tures of the parts;
  • ongoing research into achieving ev­er-improved performance;
  • attention to comfort (studies on dimen­sions and footprint, noise reduction, adaptability to various environments, maximum performance for sanitary water applications etc.) without affect­ing overall efficiency.


These features lend Thermics products a high added value.

Fast and focused on innovation

The approach of Thermics reconciles a passion for high-level engineering with a desire to understand the most innovative advances being made within this industry.

Always at the forefront of technological advancement, our team of young engi­neers is in constant contact with the most cutting-edge designers at international level.

Thermics distributes its labour in ac­cordance with the needs of users of the various installations. In the belief that efficiency and savings come together, with a passion for quality.

The energy of people

A company on a human scale, where sharing, team spirit, respect and appreciation of everyone’s work are the key to success. Sixteen people leading the main body of the company: we work together with passion, for an end result that it is the fruit of our collective contribution.

From engineers to manual workers, marketing experts, quality control man­agers, administrative members of staff and employees from the technical office: every morning, at 10 am, we get together over a cup of coffee to exchange opinions and plan the day together.

Open doors on Fridays!

During the spring, Friday is the day dedicated to welcoming members of the public to the company. From uni­versity students and young engineers to specialists working in the industry and those who are simply curious, Thermics welcomes everyone, opening the compa­ny’s doors, premises and production lines and sharing our professionalism with the outside world.

We also provide students with training credits for their various.


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