The CALDENSA heat pump units are particularly suitable for outdoor installation, especially for renovations. They use direct condensation technology and, by using a Scroll EVI compressor (vapour injection) it is able to supply hot water at up to 65°C, guaranteeing operation even at outside temperatures of -20°C. The units are fitted with EC centrifugal fans with serrated blades that guarantee low noise. There will be no noise inside the building because the compressor and fan are outside, eliminating any inside noise. Scroll EVI compressors are long-lasting and highly reliable. The units are combined with condensing buffer tanks suitable for connection to existing radiator, underfl oor and fan coil heating systems. The latter can be integrated with various auxiliary energy sources such as closed fi replaces and gas boilers. Direct condensation technology eliminates all complicated system components related to the use of circulators and antifreeze protection systems.

The unit includes:

  • pre-wired 5m connecting cable between external unit and internal unit


  • The use of EVI Scroll compressors allows silent operation, versatility, reliability and high performance.
  • Using EVI (vapour Injection) technology, in which part of the refrigerant gas is injected into the compressor, which optimizes its performance, also allows high heating temperatures even at low temperatures and increased effi ciency (COP).
  • The external shape of the machine guarantees the best heating performance even in harsh climates. The use of an evaporator with an increased fin pitch and anti-frost surface treatment makes CALDENSA an ideal solution also for harsh north European climates.
  • The defroster pipe is positioned in the condensate collection tank to prevent the water in it from freezing.
  • The condensate tank allows different temperatures (DHW and heating) to be controlled without the need for additional components with an equivalent power consumption.
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Output / Input / COP kWt / kWe / COP kWt / kWe / COP kWt / kWe / COP kWt / kWe / COP
A-7/W35 8,8/2,8/3,14 10,9/3,4/3,21 15/4,4/3,41 18,1 / 6,1 / 3,1
A2/W35 10,7/2,8/3,82 13,2/3,4/3,88 18,3/4,4/4,16 21,9 / 6,2 / 3,5
A7/W35 12/2,8/4,29 14,4/3,4/4,24 19,8/4,4/4,5 27,9 / 6,3 / 4,4
A35 / W7 8,5 / 3,4 / 2,5 10,2 / 4,2 / 2,4 14 / 5,8 / 2,4 -
Air temperature limits -20 °C / +35 °C -20 °C / +35 °C -20 °C / +35 °C -20 °C / +35 °C
Water temperature limits 10°C / 65°C 10°C / 65°C 10°C / 65°C 20 °C / 65 °C
Air flow rate 3 500 m3/h 4 500 m3/h 5 000 m3/h 7 000 m3/h
Refrigerant R407C R407C R407C R407C
Oil 1 700 ml POE 1700 ml POE 1700 ml POE 2800 ml POE
Defrosting automatic automatic automatic automatic
Condensate antifreeze
yes yes yes yes
Low-pressure switch 0.05 MPa 0.05 MPa 0.05 MPa 0.05 MPa
High-pressure switch 3.2 MPa 3.2 MPa 3.2 MPa 3.2 MPa
H x W x L [mm] 1210 x 500 x 1270 1210 x 500 x 1270 1210 x 500 x 1270 1410x500x1500
Weight 150 kg 150 kg 150 kg 210 kg
Mounting Outdoor, exposed
Casing Powder coating
Protection ( EN 60 529) IP43
Electrical data 400V 3N 50Hz 400V 3N 50Hz 400V 3N 50Hz 400V 3N 50Hz
Compressor scroll EVI scroll EVI scroll EVI scroll EVI
Rated current [A] 5 7 9 14
Maximum current [A] 8,4 9,5 13,5 18
Soft starter [A] - 33 37 -
Compressor cable (n x mm2) 5x2.5 5x1.5 5x2.5 5x4

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Technical specifications
Compact air-water heat pump for outdoor installation, with an EC brushless axial fan fitted with serrated blades and a Scroll EVI compressor, has a high reliability and a high COP. The heat source is the outside air down to a minimum of -25°C. Low noise is guaranteed by the use of a Scroll EVI compressor, which doesn’t use traditional pistons and valves, by the use of anti-vibration mountings, by a solid, compact and rein-forced base plate, by multi-layer noise insulation on the cover and above all by an axial fan fitted with anti-turbulence blades.

The Siemens control unit (AVS37) can be combined with a QAA78 wireless unit (optional) which is a combined device for space heating and DHW. The controller allows direct connection to the heating system with or without a storage tank, or more commonly, by connecting the latter to the heating system at two or four points. The controller also allows an auxiliary boiler to be controlled. The storage tank can be charged either at a constant temperature or from a bivalent source:

  • Auxiliary electric heaters in the circuit or storage tank
  • Auxiliary external sources (existing gas, electric and other boilers)
  • Bivalent control in one or three phases.

The heating system can be controlled both equithermally and according to the room temperature. The standard regulation can cascade up to 16 units or other sources that are already available at standard regulation.
The speed of the compressor, fan and circulators is continuously regulated by the control unit.

Construction details
The units are made of powder coated hot-dip galvanized sheet metal; the structure is self-supporting with removable panels to make inspection and maintenance easer.

Cooling circuit
The refrigerant gas used is R407C and the expansion valve is electronically controlled.

Heat exchangers
The source side heat exchange are made of copper tubes and aluminium fins.

The EC brushless axial fan has been designed to minimize noise.

Control and protection
The unit is equipped with a series of alarms designed to draw attention to anomalous values. These are managed entirely by the control unit that makes them available. It is also possible to access the controller via the control unit if you need to make any adjustments.[/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title="Quote"]

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