The INTEGRA heat pump units are particularly suitable for applications where aesthetics are important, in which it is not desirable to have large hydraulic components inside the building. They are particularly suitable for supplying radiant panel heating systems or for low temperature applications such as suitably dimensioned fan-coil, thermal ventilation and AHUs for delivery temperatures of 50°C. The units are fitted with noiseless EC axial fans and Twin Rotary inverter compressors that allow complete power management

of each component. In fact, the compressor, fan and circulators are continuously regulated by a programmed control unit with an internally developed control logic. It has been designed to be immediately usable and intuitive; it allows the unit to be inserted into a large number of system configurations.

INTEGRA units have a vertical powder coated galvanized steel structure. Inside there is a 90 l DHW boiler that is used as a desuperheater, improving heating and cooling performance. There is also a 40 l storage tank that allows hydraulic separation and making the installation of the unit easier. It can be connected on three sides, depending on what the installation technician or the system designer chooses, thereby increasing its versatility.


  • Twin Rotary Inverter technology enables INTEGRA to regulate power according to actual requirements. This regulation is also used on the fan and circulators to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • The hot gas coming from the compressor will always heats the boiler first, improving efficiency and a constant production of DHW during operation, even during summer operation.
  • The boiler, accumulator and heat exchanger are made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Internally programmed, versatile and intuitive controller.
  • Electronic delivery temperature control via the heating curve or cooling curve.
  • Opportunity of controlling a DHW transfer circulator.
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A-8 / W35 kW / kW / COP (%) 1,0 / 2,7 / 2,7 (33%)
2,0 / 5,6 / 2,8 (66%)
3,0 / 8,1 / 2,7 (100%)
A-5 / W35 kW / kW / COP (%) 1,0 / 3,0 / 3,0 (33%)
2,0 / 6,2 / 3,1 (66%)
3,0 / 9,0 / 3,0 (100%)
A2 / W35 kW / kW / COP (%) 1,0 / 3,6 / 3,6 (33%)
2,0 / 7,4 / 3,7 (66%)
3,0 / 10,8 / 3,6 (100%)
A7 / W35 kW / kW / COP (%) 1,0 / 4,1 / 4,1 (33%)
2,0 / 8,4 / 4,2 (66%)
3,0 / 12,3 / 4,1 (100%)
A12 / W35 kW / kW / COP (%) 1,0 / 5,1 / 5,1 (33%)
2,0 / 10,4 / 5,2 (66%)
3,0 / 15,3 / 5,1 (100%)
A-5 / W50 kW / kW / COP (%) 1,1 / 1,8 / 1,6 (33%)
2,4 / 4,1 / 1,7 (66%)
3,7 / 6,0 / 1,6 (100%)
A2 / W50 kW / kW / COP (%) 1,2 / 2,5 / 2,1 (33%)
2,5 / 5,5 / 2,2 (66%)
3,8 / 8,0 / 2,1 (100%)
A7 / W50 kW / kW / COP (%) 1,3 / 3,4 / 2,6 (33%)
2,6 / 7,0 / 2,7 (66%)
3,9 / 10,1 / 2,6 (100%)
A12 / W50 kW / kW / COP (%) 1,4 / 5,0 / 3,6 (33%)
2,7 / 10,0 / 3,7 (66%)
4,1 / 14,8 / 3,6 (100%)
Sound power dB (A) 58
Sound pressure at 1 m dB (A) 50


Heating capacity kW 12,3
Cooling capacity kW 6,3
Total Input power kW 3,0
Maximum power input kW 4,1
COP (EN14511) 4,1
EER (EN14511) 4,1
Supply V/HZ/Ph 230/50/1
Inverter compressor type Twin Rotary BLDC
No. of compressors Nr 1
Modulation % 20-100
Refrigerating circuits No. 1
Refrigerant charge (R410a) Kg 3,0
Type of Freon-Water exchanger Braze welded plate
Number of internal exchangers No. 1
Water flow rate (system) l/hr 1650
Load loss kPa 10
Buffer tank capacity (STAINLESS STEEL) L 40
Maximum working pressure kPa 200
Safety valve setting kPa 350
Expansion vessel capacity L 2
Water connections (systems) 1’’F
Type of desuperheater STAINLESS STEEL coil
Domestic hot water tank capacity (STAINLESS STEEL) L 90
Max. water pressure kPa 550
Safety valve setting kPa 600
Water flow rate (high temperature) l/h 120 ÷ 800
Max. temperature (system) °C 55
Max. temperature (high temp.) °C 60
Domestic hot water connections 3/4’’ (F)
Type of Air-Freon exchanger Finned-coil copper-aluminium
with hydrophilic paint
Fan type Axial
Air flow rate m3/h 7000
Width mm 801
Height mm 2500
Depth mm 526

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Technical specifications
Vertical air-water heat pump fitted with an EC axial fan fitted and Twin Rotary Inverter compressor, for outdoor installation, with a cutting-edge design and high COP. The unit allows the indoor dimensions to be reduced to the minimum as it is equipped with a 90 l stainless steel boiler and a 40 litre buffer tank for the heating system It has been designed to be installed in the most difficult places. It can also be installed very close to a wall and can be connected on three sides (back and sides). The heat source is the outside air down to a minimum of -10°C. Low noise is guaranteed by an intelligent control system that regulates the speed of the compressor and fan according to actual requirements. In addition, the use of anti-vibration mountings for the compressor and multi-layer noise insulation on the cover mean that high levels of noise reduction are obtained.

The control unit consists of an Evco unit and can be combined with a highly intuitive touch-screen controller with which all the operating parameters, set points and usage settings can be controlled. The storage tank charge can be at a set point for DHW and with a heating or cooling curve as regards heating / cooling. Other possible auxiliary controls:
• Auxiliary external heat sources (existing gas, electric and other boilers)
• Input for activating a second set point if low-cost energy is available (e.g. from photovoltaic inverters)
• Option of controlling a DHW transfer circulator.
In summer, the high temperature heat exchanger will operate as a desuperheater, improving overall performance and producing hot water by recovering energy that would otherwise not be utilised.
The speed of the compressor, fan and circulators is continuously regulated by the control unit.

Construction details
The units are made of powder coated hot-dip galvanized sheet metal and have a high resistance to weathering. The structure is self-supporting with removable panels to make inspection and maintenance easer.

Cooling circuit
The refrigerant gas used is R410A. The unit is fitted with inspection ports to allow technicians to check that the cooling circuit is operating correctly.

Heat exchangers
The source side heat exchangers are made of copper tubes and aluminium fins painted with hydrophilic paint that encourages water run-off. The user side braze-welded plate exchanger allows the amount of refrigerant gas to be reduced to the minimum, maximizing efficiency through the large heat exchange surface.
Internal components The unit contains a 90 l stainless steel boiler with a safety heater and 40 l stainless steel buffer tank for the heating system. The exchange takes place in a stainless steel coil inside the DHW boiler and through a high-quality stainless steel braze-welded plate heat exchanger.

The EC brushless axial fan has been designed to minimize noise. The rotation speed is continuously regulated by the control unit.

Control and protection
The unit is provided with a series of alarms to protect it from possible faults. These are managed entirely by the control unit that makes them available and accessible. It is also possible to access the controller via the control unit if you need to make any adjustments.

All units are fully assembled and wired at the factory, they undergo a leak test , vacuum cycle, and are filled with an
eco-friendly refrigerant. They undergo a complete functional test before being shipped. All units comply with European
Directives and have a CE marking and relative certificate of conformity.[/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title="Quote"]

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