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THDC 270


The THERMODYN-C system produces domestic hot water, using a heat pump and a state-of-the-art thermodynamic solar panel. The process occurs in the most effective and efficient manner, using the energy from solar radiation and the environmental heat energy for the most part.

Easy to install, safe, silent and reliable operation, little maintenance are the additional advantages of this highly eco-friendly and cost saving system.


  • Thermodynamic panel in anodised aluminium with anode oxide finish
  • Steel tank with internal treatment according to Standards DIN 4753-3 and UNI 10025
  • Condenser outside boiler, scale and gas/water contamination free
  • Integrated NTC sensor to check water temperature
  • Electrical resistance 1.5 kW 230V integrated in the front flange
  • Automatic activation of resistance/boiler at temperatures not suitable for the heat pump
  • Anti-corrosion Magnesium anode
  • Electronic anode available as accessory
  • Hydraulic fittings arranged in the rear
  • Thick PU heat insulation
  • External cover in ABS grey RAL7001
  • Adjustable support feet
  • Eco gas R134a
  • Safety devices for high pressure.
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THDC 270 - 0S THDC 270 - 1S
A 1745 mm 1745 mm
B 1410 mm 1410 mm
C 1150 mm 1150 mm
Ø 660 mm 660 mm
Weight 100 kg 107 kg

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MODEL THDC 270 - 0 S THDC 270 - 1S
Capacity Litres 273 268
Coil surface area m2 / 1,5
Maximum boiler working pressure bar 6 6
Maximum working pressure, auxiliary coil bar 10 10
Electrical power supply V/Ph/Hz 230/1/50
Max water temperature °C 60
Heating element thermal power W 1500
Thermal power output (50°- average) W 2000
Power draw (average) W 500
Refrigerant type/g R134A / 1050
Max. tube length m 8 max
Shipping weight kg 7,3
Size mm 1800 x 800 x 20
Extraction line connection 3/8” SAE FLARE
Liquid line connection 1/4” SAE FLARE

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