The vertical THRP-500 V dehumidifier with recuperator has been designed to be mounted on walls. Careful attention has been paid to designing the units in order to achieve high manufacturing and operational standards and to maximize its strength and provide complete versatility and performance adaptation in order to reach a high degree of overall efficiency.


The unit is fitted with two brushless DC fans with automatic electronic flow management that can be regulated from a highly intuitive remote display. Flow control is continuous and the flow rate is maintained at the set level even when there is a natural increase in the pressure drop in the filters during operation. The use of two centrifugal fans ensures silent operation, up to three times less noise than with PlugFan fans.


Particular attention has been paid to the dehumidifying and condensation collection section. A special paint is used so that drops of moisture run off directly into the collection tank that is made entirely of STAINLESS steel. This solution eliminates problems associated with the formation of mould and bacteria by preventing

water stagnation in humid zones.


The THRP-500 V makes it possible to achieve a renewal efficiency of over 90%. The unit is fitted with pre- and post- cooling coils as standard, guaranteeing optimum performance and temperature control of the treated air.


They work in five ways:


  • Dehumidification
  • Ventilation
  • Integration
  • Renewal
  • Freecooling
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Dettagli acustici in deumidificazione
Frequency 100 125 160 200 250 315 400
Level(dB) 46,1 48,2 47,3 48,2 43,9 38,8 36,8
Frequency 500 630 800 1000 1250 1600 2000
Level(dB) 38,7 35,4 35,8 37,1 35,5 32,4 31,9
Frequency 2500 3150 4000 5000 6300 8000 10000
Level(dB) 27,9 24,7 21,1 18,9 17,2 16,8 23,2


Condensate humidity (26° - 65%) l/day 48
Nominal flow rate m 3/h 500
Input power W 480
Cooling capacity W 1500
Supply V/Ph/Hz 230/1/150
Maximum electrical power input (water at 15°C) W 530
Chiller unit maximum power input (water integration at 15°C) W 2100
Chiller unit maximum power input
W 3000
Water flow rate (15°C) l/h 400
Load loss kPa 15
Treated airflow m3/h 150500
Maximum head (300mc/h) Pa 400
Refrigerant (R134a) gr 300
Air flow rate extraction/renewal m3/h 100350
Maximum head (250m3/h) Pa 300
Nominal efficiency (250 m3/h) % 88
Maximum efficiency (100 m3/h) % 92
Sound power level dB(A) 46
Sound pressure level dB(A) 38
Weight kg 76
Outer machine dimensions
Height mm 1690
Width mm 701
Depth mm 434

Performance according to room temperature, relative humidity and chilled water temperature.

Room temperature: 26° C
Litres/ Day Relative humidity
55% 65%
T water 18 31,0 -
15 39,0 -
12 45,0 -
Room temperature: 24° C
Litres/ Day Relative humidity
55% 65%
T water 18 14,6 17,6
15 18,3 22,5
12 21,7 0,8

Maximum recycled sesnible heat output in winter (air flow rate 500 m3/h) according to the room temperature and the temperature of the water in the system (water flow rate 400 l/h).

Recirculation sensible heat [kW ] Room temperature
20 22 24 28
T water 35 1,4 1,2 1,1 0,7
40 1,9 1,7 1,5 1,2
45 2,4 2,2 2,0 1,6
50 2,8 2,7 2,5 2,1
55 3,3 3,1 3,0 2,6

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The THRP-500 V is made of pre-painted hot-dip galvanized sheet metal that ensures a high resistance to corrosion. The structure is self-supporting with removable panels to make inspection and maintenance easier. The stainless steel collection tank is placed at a steep angle towards the drainage channel to prevent water stagnation and consequent mould formation.

Cooling circuit
The cooling circuit it is made up of components supplied by leading international companies and the cooling circuit is assembled entirely in Italy. It is made according to the mandatory technical standards regarding braze-welding processes. The refrigerant gas used is R134A.

Rotary compressor with thermal cut-out It is mounted on special anti-vibration mounts to reduce noise.

Condensers, evaporators and post treatment coils
The condensing and evaporating coils made 5/16" grooved copper tubes and alluminium fins with a special hydrophilic paint that encourages water run-off and maximises efficiency. The geometry of these heat exchangers allows a low air-side pressure drop and therefore allows the speed of the fans to be reduced (resulting in reduced machine noise). The pre- and post-treatment coils guarantee that the air temperature is kept constant in all conditions.

The units is fitted with two brushless DC funs with automatic electronic flow mnagement

Air filter
Class G4 supplied with the unit.

The unit is equipped with a sophisticated microcontroller that controls all the machine operating parameters according to
external requests. The unit is supplied with a series of sensors and actuators that allow the control unit to control the system
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