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Vario Vent 2000


Vario Vent 700 is a CMV unit with an ACTIVE heat recuperator to be installed in suspended ceilings.

The unit is fitted with internal cooling cycle with two on-off compressors and two EC brushless DC fans with automatic electronic flow management that can be set both from the keypad and remotely through a graphic display complete with temperature and humidity sensor. Weekly programming is possible for time bands where it is possible to customize the temperature and air flow setting.

The air flow is kept constant whatever the distribution network even when there is a natural increase of load loss in the filters because of the capture of suspended particles in the aspirated air. Furthermore there is the possibility of total modulation of both ventilators and compressors with delivery power and temperature control.

The filtering section, incorporated in the machine guarantees access to the filters from several sides and the electrical panel inside the machine can easily be removed for wiring purposes.

These work in the following ways:

  • Air renewal
  • Heating/cooling integration
  • Freecooling
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Maximum efficiency % 170
Winter efficiency* % 100
Saved power* kW 13,8
Summer efficincy** % 110
Saved power** kW 10,5
Nominal power input W 2100
Nominal air flow rate m3/h 2000
Extraction head max. Pa 400
Refrigerant (R410a) kg 1,5
Sound power level dB(A) 58
Weight kg 115
Machine dimensions
Height mm 487
Width mm 1004
Depth mm 1442
Ventilation module
Nominal power input W 300
Air flow rate m3/h 1000 ÷ 3000
Max head (2000 m3/h) Pa 600
Sound power level db(A) 61
Weight kg 25
Height mm 487
Width mm 1004
Depth mm 1442

*with an outdoor temperature of 0°C, an indoor temperature of 20°C and extraction flow rate.
**with an outdoor temperature of 35°C, an indoor temperature of 26°C and the extraction flow rate equal to the input flow rate[/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title="Features"]RENEWAL
When the quality of the air descends below the comfort level the renewal function is activated where the air sent into the rooms comes from the outside. To reduce the necessary energy requirement to bring the temperature of the external air to the required conditions a high-efficiency cross flow recuperator is used that, by exploiting the energy of the stale air is able to penetrate and reduce the heat difference of the renewal air.
The low-consumption, high-head EC fan sees to the expulsion of the stale air that is exhausted energetically at the output of the heat recuperator.

If the temperature of the outside air during the renewal phase is better than that of the indoor air, according to the season, an inlet is opened that allows the air to bypass the recuperator and go directly to the air treatment zone, thereby reducing ventilation costs and taking advantage of the better characteristics of the air that have been detected and introducing it directly into the environment. In this situation it is no longer important to extract the air through the recuperator and it is optional unless there in a specific need to do, such as a request from an occupant presence sensor in the bathroom: by switching off the extractor fan and by introducing the renewal air, the rooms become slightly overpressured, which facilitates the escape of air from various points such as doors or extractor hoods as well as from the usual route via the recuperator.[/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title="Quote"]

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