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Vario Vent 5000-10000


The Vario Vent 5000 – 10000 was developed as an active heat recuperator designed to control humidity, temperature and air quality in large buildings.

The chiller unit is fitted with an on/off compressor, an inverter and a double EC delivery and extractor fan. Both the fan and the compressors are of the total modulation type.

A dehumidifying section and shutters can be added that allows the air to be totally or partially recirculated, guaranteeing forced dehumidification in neutral air or the integration of sensible heat by making use of outside air to release up or absorb heat. The recuperator verifies the state of efficiency of the filters withdifferential pressure switches.

There is also the option of inserting an additional hydronic exchanger (optional) that allows the room heating / cooling load to be increased.

These work in the following ways:

  • Air renewal
  • Heating/air conditioning integration
  • Freecooling
  • Ventilation
  • Dehumidification (optional)
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Recirculation condensate humidity (26°-65%) l/day 510 970
Latent input power kW 14,3 27,0
Input power kW 11,0 21
Summer added coolant power*** kW 14,3 27,0
Winter added heating power*** kW 15,2 28,5
Supply V/Ph/Hz 400/3+N/50 400/3+N/50
Maximum power input kW 14,0 27,0
Maximum current A 21 39
Nominal air flow rate m3/h 5000 10000
Air flow range m3/h 2000÷5500 4000÷11000
Maximum head (5000 m3/h) Pa 230 230
Maximum efficiency during recovery % 150 145
Winter efficiency during recovery** % 100 100
Saved power** kW 41,0 76,0
Refrigerant (R410a) kg 5,0 9,0
Sound power level dB(A) 65 68
Sound pressure level dB(A) 54 57
Outer machine dimensions
Height mm 1610 1750
Width mm 2567 2850
Depth mm 1022 1600


** Winter case with outside temperature of 0°C and inside temperature of 20°C and extraction equal to the input "ow.
*** Machine in total recirculation[/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title="Quote"]

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