Vario Vent 700


Vario Vent 700 is a CMV unit with an ACTIVE heat recuperator to be installed in suspended ceilings.

The unit is fitted with internal cooling cycle with two on-off compressors and two EC brushless DC fans with automatic electronic flow management that can be set both from the keypad and remotely through a graphic display complete with temperature and humidity sensor. Weekly programming is possible for time bands where it is possible to customize the temperature and air flow setting

The air flow is kept constant whatever the distribution network even when there is a natural increase of load loss in the filters because of the capture of suspended particles in the aspirated air. Furthermore there is the possibility of total modulation of both ventilators and compressors with delivery power and temperature control

The filtering section, incorporated in the machine guarantees access to the filters from several sides and the electrical panel inside the machine can easily be removed for wiring purposes.

These work in the following ways:

  • Air renewal
  • Heating/cooling integration
  • Freecooling
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Power on cooling kW 3,7
Power on heating kW 4,0
Total Input power kW 1,1
Maximum power input kW 1,5
Maximum current A 8,5
EER (EN14511) 3,4
COP (EN14511) 3,9
Supply V/HZ/Ph 230/50/1
Compressor type ROTARY
No. of compressors No. 2
Operating range % 50-100
Refrigerating circuits No. 1
Coolant load (R410a) kg 0,650
Internal exchanger type Finned coil + crossed flow recuperator
Number of internal exchangers No. 2+1
No. of fans No. 2
Nominal air flow rate m3/h 700
Renewed air percentage % 0÷100
Maximum head Pa 250
Height mm 1640
Width mm 350
Depth mm 750

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